Adhesive Tape

Multiempaques offers a wide variety of tapes and adhesives for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Our product line ranges from general purpose sealing tapes to specialty products.

We have cultivated long-term relationships with leading suppliers of quality tapes and adhesives. We offer products from the 3M Company, Intertape® Brand, Navitek, among others.

Industrial Tapes

– Aluminum Tape.
– Filament Tape.
– Electrical Grade Tape.
– Polyester Tape.
– Duct Tape.
– Area Marking Tape.
– Venture Tape.
– Flat Pack Tape.

Safety Tape

The best option for closing boxes with anti-theft security. Available with and without reinforcing filaments, with the option of a loan, rent and sale of an electric dispenser.

Masking Tape

– Masking tape, ducts and flat back.
– Anti-scratch protective sheets.
– Polyester tapes.
– Area marking tapes.

Packing Tape

With the stretchable tape you can make your prepackage of the pallet to move it from point A to point B at the lowest cost on the market.

Converted Tapes

We offer the conversion, die-cutting and clamping service of any tape to adapt it to your specific use needs.