Clean Removal Tapes

Find with us the packaging products with the highest quality standards in the industry. We are distributors of 3M specialties and we transform packaging products just for you.

We offer you: Adhesives and tapes in aluminum, anti-noise, fiberglass, kapton, nylon, tedlar, polyester and polyethylene, sealants and Gaffer, Teflon tape, non-woven fabric, rubber, masking tape, fine line, with foam, lead, foam, vinyl, filament, for industrial use, special tapes, high performance, double-sided, protective foil, dispensers, spare parts and packaging equipment.

Fine Line

Conformable clean removal tape, ideal for making complex strokes in painting processes for any surface.

Protective Foils

We offer you dust protection film, watermark, fingerprint, for your touch sensitive products; Our protective foils are clean to remove and there is one for each type of application.

Multipack Tape

Special tape for the assembly of combos of different products, its adhesive does not harm the image of your product

Masking Tape

Special tape for high temperature resistance with clean removal characteristic. Available in the width, length and resistance of your preference. We have the appropriate tape to mask surfaces before painting work.