Stretch Film

We offer packaging films, ideally formulated in different gauges to suit a variety of industrial applications: stretch film, pre-stretched, high performance, colored, manual and machine application, antistatic, coreless, UV film and extra strong films.

Conventional Stretchable

Versatile stretch film for wrapping pallets of all kinds, can have a gauge from 45 to 120 gauge, in the width of your choice.The price per kilo is cheap and is line, making it the most common on the market. It has good elongation, optimal strength and works for all applications.

High Performance Stretchable

Resin-based film with metallocene that stretches up to 300%, has great resistance capacity and high speed operability. A single roll can wrap up to 150 pallets, diluting the cost per pallet; It is ideal for cost eduction projects and we have it available from 18.7 ″ wide with up to 11,000 feet long.

Pre-Stretched Manual

It is the thinnest film on the market and also the most resistant since it resists bumps and falls without damaging the film. It is made with imported resin; It is ideal for unstable platforms as it stretches only 20% and immediately reaches the optimum point of tension.

Pre-Stretched For Machine

It is the best combination for the industry in Mexico, the strongest film on the market applied with mechanical brake machines solves your need to contain your pallets at the lowest price. Available in 17 ″ wide rolls with 5,000 feet in length.

Color Films

Ideal for distinguishing inventories or product batches. Available in primary colors (red, blue, black, white, yellow, green, and orange). It provides a layer of color that helps the product not be seen from the outside.